Women will love this Predator Wand for the R-1 Base Unit sex toy controller, a powerful and flexible rod that bend to fit into just about any hole, passage or orifice! Just plug it into the R-1 and then plug it into her...

predator wand rends r1 base unit

You'll quickly become a magician with this wand and its SEVEN different patterns of vibration. The internal PWM (pulse width modulation) motor means you can achieve G-Spot or protate pleasure, as well as simply tickle the body and nipples.

predator wand vibrator r1 base unit rends

The Predator Wand also has a comfortable grip for ease of handling, and the coating is soft for penetrations and safe for cleaning. Yes, the Japanese know a lot about sex but also a lot about high quality technology. The Predator Wand combines the two!

predator wand vibrator r1 base unit rends